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TRANSCOMPLEX – is an integrated innovative R&D and producing business comprising leading research and development institutionsand producing companies. This existing business structure and vertical integration of operations allows for prompt and quality service provision in areas of

hydrocarbon production and natural resources mining, including underground water deposits. Transcomplex offers unique and innovative proprietary in-house technology for direct mineral exploration effective both on- and offshore, with reduced costs and improved efficiency.

TRANSCOMPLEX uses a range of methods, including:
  • nuclear magnetic resonance technology (NMR);
  • high-precision electric pulse sounding technology (HPES);
  • light identification detection and ranging sensing (LIDAR);
  • magnetic measurements.

The main objective in interconnecting geophysical methods is to ensure the reliability of the clear solution of specified geological tasks in all phases and at all stages of geological prospecting.

The set of innovative technologies makes it possible to detect accumulations of minerals (hydrocarbons, metallic and non-metallic minerals, water) by direct indicators and to determine their qualitative and quantitative characteristics.

The reliability of TRANSCOMPLEX projections based on the combined application of geophysical technologies is significantly higher than a present standard combination, where the seismic survey is of crucial importance.

The set of methods involves the use of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles providing for high efficiency and effective data acquisition in the process of work. Also it can be applied when the survey is done by foot or car, on board an aircraft or vessel.

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Methodology of exploration
Remote Sensing

The research is based on acquisition of satellite multispectral images from a surveyed area. The technology allows to identify hydrocarbons, minerals and groundwater over large areas and at considerable depths.

Aerial Survey

The set can be used on board manned and unmanned aerial vehicles to perform sensing by several geophysical methods directly on the work site. The set can identify and locate objects of exploration with high accuracy.

Field Survey

Field survey can provide for an accurate assessment of the depth of occurrence of target substances, evaluation of reserves in the deposit and determine the location of exploratory wells and more. Our measurements do not require interpretation.

Geography of projects
Advanced UAV Sets

The development and use of own unmanned aerial vehicles is our major competitive advantage. Along with manned aerial vehicles, they provide for high accuracy, increased mobility and cost reduction. State-of-the-art, innovative technology software can significantly reduce the survey duration.

  • low running costs compared with manned aerial vehicles or satellites;
  • high mobility, no need for a take-off site;
  • low cost of staff maintenance;
  • ability to solve a wide range of tasks;
  • devices can be used in difficult weather and accident-prone conditions.
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